Legend of total war malekith

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Legend of total war malekith

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Sign In Register. Categories JadawinKhanidi Registered Users Posts: 1, September in General Discussion. I only play one race at a time, never touching another until I have completed the campaign with one and then moving on to the next. After completing the campaign with several other races, I'm currently working on doing that with Malekith. Playing the Mortal Empires map, not Vortex, although I suppose it doesn't matter much. I like the druchii style and the evilness, not so sure about the units though.

When I started, I read one guide that basically said: Use Darkshards and Dreadspears all game long and forget the rest. Sounds really boring, but from my experience so far it seems to be mostly true.

Darkshards quickly kill everything except single units and other archers with longer range. So in most battles, it's as simple and tedious as having a wall of spears with Darkshards behind them, wait until enemy units approach, murder them.

If they don't want to attack, have a Bolt Thrower ot two to make them move to you. There is not even an upgrade to the Dreadspears - as far as I can see, there is no other infantry unit with shields and charge defence.

The much more expensive Black Guards melt under missile fire because no shields. And no other unit has such a high unit count.


Later I add some Feral Manticores to maul archers and artillery, but the rest of the roster seems unneeded and worse than the cheaper starter units. Maybe other units will become more important later in the campaign with different enemies? Anyway, you guys see a different and superior approach with DE than the 'kill everything with Darkshards' method?

September Malekith, 1 sorceress fire mostly for the extra magic points boost but occasionally it amuses me throwing fireballs. Baseline of 4 black guard, 4 shades dual swords or greatswords2 repeater bolt throwers, 2 hydras, 4 dread knights and 2 black dragons.

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Haven't really met anything that can trouble that roster. Tennisgolfboll Registered Users Posts: 8, Read all my replies as if we are having a pint and a good old time. I will always read your reply like that. Schussel Registered Users Posts: Depends on the Enemy and the abilities of your General.

Tennisgolfboll said:. Otters Registered Users Posts: I'm actually doing a Morathi campaign, and in the middle of a full-scale assault on Ulthuan with 5 doom stacks. Almost all of Naggaroth is mine, the west coast of Ulthuan is under my control, and I am currently laying siege to Lothern. Happy days! Canuovea Registered Users, Moderators Posts: 13,Please register for Total War Access to use the forums. If you're an existing user, your forum details will be merged with Total War Access if you register with the same email or username.

She deeply cares for him and trusts him implicitly, but at the same time would seem to need to guide and put him on the right path read: manipulate and attempt to control. It should be noted that much of her reasons for seeing him succeed are likely entirely selfish. She can never be Aenarion's heir nor the eventual ruler of the elven race, it's doubtful the druchii nobles would even support her should Malekith be out of the picture, they have the noble pedigree and are obviously the most qualified to replace Malekith should something ever happen Khaine forbid this mentality would likely apply equally to the collective nobility as well as most individual members of it.

That said being the mother of Malekith the one true and eventual ruler of the elven race is not only nearly as good, in that she gets all the benifits with out the responsibility, but also reflects well on her for being his mother in the first place and having a hand in how he turned out.

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On the other hand Malekith, is not as loyal to mommy dearest from the looks of things, in that he only trust her to a certain degree, which while greater than the trust he shows to other druchii is not complete. Not to mention there is that story in the 6th edd. As far as Morathi's favour with Slaanesh goes, it should be remembered that she also has pledged her soul to Khaine, and that elves have an aversion to wholly dedicating themsleves to a single diety in that they'll worship a deity when appropriate but won't give themsleves over to said deity.

Also of interest would be the druchii annointed from the SoC campaign which were essentially the elven equivilant of a chaos lord with a dash of deamon prince, despite having been dedicated to the Lord of Pleasure since the sundering and wandering the realms of chaos since, they have little in the way of mutations to show for it.

Before the whole Tyrion crap arc she was definitely on Malekith side. Her goal as i see it was to make him the PK.

Witch King Malekith Campaign Livestream - Conquering Ulthuan

She also nursed him back to health and helped with forging his armor after he was burned by the flame. And she was sad when she thought he was dead so i guess there is some motherly love in there XD. She thought he was Aenaryon reborn and wed him when malelkith and alarielle married. She then made him draw the widowmaker from its altar which turned him into the avatar of Khaine In the end tyrion becomes the bad guy and malekith is good and nice.

Plot twist. Oh and they kill eachother while teclis destroys the vortex to use its powers. Then slaanesh's arm somehow manages to find its way to the real world and takes a "couple" elves with it on "holidays". Including morathi and caledor. They also mentioned that the twins are "the sons of the Current Phoenix King", error errors.

Please, for clarity's sake, don't bring up the End Times story. Not because it is a bad story, but because Total War: Warhammer does not, and will not touch on that in this trilogy. It confuses people who are unfamiliar with the lore of Warhammer. That will not feature in this games at all. Make a clear distinction between the story in pre-End Time and End Times.

Morathi does worship Slaanesh. She led a Slaaneshi army into Lustria at one point.Malekiththe Witch King of Naggarothis the ruler of the Dark Elves or Druchii as they refer to themselves, and the son of the Phoenix King Aenarionthe greatest Elven hero to have ever lived. Malekith is ancient and powerful beyond mortal reckoning, a being who has lived for thousands upon thousands of years, gathering a great treasure trove of magical power that few can rival within the world.

Long ago, this mighty Lord of the Elven race sought to claim the Isles of Ulthuan by sheer force of will, cruelty and bloodshed, but the Flames of Asuryan denied his right to rule and left him scarred by fire and twisted with hatred.

Near death, Malekith would be taken away and healed by his mother, Morathi and taken to the lands of Nagarythe. From there, Malekith was encased in a suit of magical black-metal, the plates literally searing itself upon Malekith's own flesh. To the brow of the great horned helmet was welded the Circlet of Iron, and with his body transformed, Malekith took the persona of the Destroyer and now sought to reclaim that which was denied to him.

In the years since, Malekith has led many great wars against the High Elven usurpers, but each time has been undone by cruel fate or the incompetence of his craven underling. Yet the Witch King is immortal and knows he will outlast those who foolishly believe themselves his betters.

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The day is fast approaching where old debts and insults will finally be paid, and Malekith will do anything within his power to hasten its arrival. Malekith firmly believes that if he can't rule Ulthuan, then no one else will. For many, the natural successor to Aenarion was his son, Malekith. Having been raised in the court of Nagarythe, he was an accomplished warrior, skillful general and powerful spellweaver. Some of the princes asked for a cooler, steadier head to guide the Elves in the rebuilding of their civilisation.

They whispered about the darkness that had beset the realm of Nagarythe, and of the manner of the son that had been raised in the Court of Aenarion. Though his mother, Morathi, ranted and railed against the iniquity heaped upon Malekith, the son of Aenarion was the first to bow his knee to Bel Shanaar and swear fealty.

With the daemonic invasion defeated, the Elves looked to explore the world that had been left changed by Chaos. Malekith quit Ulthuan, claiming that Bel Shanaar would be able to rule the isle more soundly without the heir of Aenarion close at hand. The prince of Nagarythe travelled the world, where small colonies were growing upon the shores of the forest-swathed lands across the ocean. Here the Elves met the Dwarfs and soon the two races were fighting side-by-side, their armies waging war against the fierce Orcs of the mountains and the hideous Chaos beasts of the deep woods.

In battle against brutal Greenskins and warped monsters, Malekith perfected his fighting skills and rose to become a great leader. As well as campaigning across the lands that would eventually become the EmpireBretonnia and the BadlandsMalekith travelled even further abroad.If it takes a thousand years, ten thousand years, I will claim my rightful place as king. I am the son of Aenarion.

Good army composition for DE/Malekith campaign

It is my destiny. All the way up through the End times he still lived with his momnot to mention slept with her. Malekith is a rather divisive character among the fanbase though to be fair the same could be said of many Warhammer villainsdepending on who you ask he's either a badass villain with a cool design, an interesting backstory and a surprisingly complex personality or a whiny entitled momma's boy who couldn't handle not getting his own way.

Whatever you think of him it's hard to deny that he at least has more character depth than Nagash whose entire personality can essentially be summed up as "sociopathic asshole" and who committed many of the same acts of dickery Malekith did, come to think of it, for arguably far pettier reasons no less and lacks the obnoxious Mary Sue tendencies of Archaon, so he has that going for him.

Not to be confused with the shitty but otherwise similar character with the same name from the MCU. He was the son of the first Phoenix King Aenarion Who at the time, by all accounts, had become an incredibly violent and vengeful hothead and the Sorceress Morathi who, pre-retcon in 7e, was "secretly" a worshiper of Slaanesh. Malekith's half-sister Yvrainne had already been appointed as the next Everqueen and the idea of an incestuous monarchy grossed them out not that it would later stop them from electing Caledor II, who porked his own half sister upon ascending to the throne.

Displaying a talent for diplomacy, Malekith suggested a vote. While some nobles were swayed by his words, others were not. The majority vote went to a Prince named Bel Shanaar. Malekith appeared to take this with good grace and was the first to bend the knee, but inside he seethed at being passed over.

There was a scene where Malekith and Morathi attended Bel Shanaar's phoenix crown ceremony and everyone included the two knew that the flame of asuryan can be avoided using magic.

legend of total war malekith

Morathi wasn't pleased with this since her awesome husband didn't even need some puny protection magic to step into the flame. As for Malekith, he had his eye on the flame and he wants to prove himself to be better than his old man Aenarion.

He then opted to seek fame and glory outside of Ulthuan, and made an expedition to the Old World. His first spark of fame came when he defended a High Elf colony from Orcs. He also made friendships with the Dwarves. The first glimpse of his dark side is seen here in his 'Time of Legends' novel as he covertly has two ambassadors of Bel Shannar who'd already made first contact with the Dwarves murdered by one of his lieutenants. Despite this he manages to become best buds with their High King Snorri, bonding over troll-hunting and becoming friends after double-teaming a Shaggoth and being unable to decide who got the kill.

There was also that time when both him and Snorri's army went to fight some Beastmens and Malekith ended up forced to solo a bunch of Minotaur included their Shaman. It is also at this time that Malekith found the dead body of his father Aenarion under the instruction of his mother from the letter.

Malekith feel like it was his responsibility as a son to bring his father's body back to Ulthuan. There he glimps into the terrify seductive power from the sword, it shifted itself in the form of a jeweled scepter the sword change its form according to how people sees it and tried to lure Malekith into using it, but after such madness, Malekith eventually resisted its influence and forever looked away. During the establishment of a trading agreement between the Dwarves and the High Elves, Bel Shannar arrogantly told Snorri in front of Malekith that it was his brilliance that had led to such good establishment connection between the two races, such lies deeply angered Malekith that all his hardwork were credited to such crown thieves.

Regardless, Bel Shannar still appointed Malekith as the ambassador to the Dwarves. Over the course of a few years, he became very popular with the Old World colonies through the new elf-dwarf alliance and many battlefield victories.

Around this time in 8th Edition fluff he married a Priestess of Lileath called Allisara.

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They were happy together for awhile but one night she had a vision about his future and left him waking up to an empty bed next morning. He tried to find her, but then got caught back up in his obsessive research into magic.

Though of course, this was just not enough. So he decided to explore further north where he found ancient ruins full of undead this was before necromancy was invented, so not the vampiric or mummified kind.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language.

legend of total war malekith

Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Haven't played much but Malekith is a beast, gets the top kills every single battle and tanks a lot of punishment on his own, even when he's attacking other dragons they really feel every hit they take on their HP bar. Haven't played a LL that felt week. What's your opinion? Showing 1 - 12 of 12 comments. Kroq might win 1v1, but it would be close. Teclis: Good magic, but probably not as good as mama or mal. Tissue paper in battle.

Worse campaign skills than tyrion. Queek: Slow, gets tossed around, not close to tyrion or kroq level in melee.

Skrolk: Worst of the magical lords, also tissue paper in battle, terrible quest items, weak campaign skills aside from the upkeep reductions.

Maleketh: Incredible magic, incredible melee, and a dragon. Morathi is the only one I've never tried. So, um Best: Maleketh Worst: Queek. Last edited by burningmime ; 24 Oct, pm. If he's clean he can do some work. So sadly I'd say Queek is the worst just because of that, all the other melee lords can get mounts to negate that problem.

Strongest, arguements for Maz, Teclis, and Malekith. Kalmakk View Profile View Posts. I'd say Malekith and Kroq'gar.

Malekith for the fact he is quite obviously the most powerful hybrid lord in either game.

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And Kroq is such an excellent killer of both units and lords alike that nothing can stand up to him at all.Naggarothalso known as the Land of Chill is a region in the northwest of the Warhammer world. Naggaroth is a cold, bleak land mostly dominated by the Dark Elves. It was named after Nagarythewhich was the original home of the Dark Elves in Ulthuan. Underneath Naggaroth run a network of caverns called the Black Way which connect to the sea.

legend of total war malekith

The continent is bordered in the north by the otherworldly Chaos Wastesand in the south by tropical Lustria. In the Mortal Empires campaignNaggaroth appears in the top left of the map. The climate of Naggaroth is mostly frozen and mountain, with some wasteland. It is separated from Lustria by the Straits of Fear.

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The Sea of Chill is an important inlet. In the Eye of the Vortex campaign, Naggaroth appears in the top left of the map. Sign In. Jump to: navigationsearch. Category : Regions. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit Edit source History. This page was last edited on 9 Aprilat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors.

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I've only just started my first vortex malekith campaign, having just secured the Ghrond and Naggaroth provinces, but so far I'm feeling secure and ready to take the fight to the maurauders.

As always, especially in the vortex campaign, walls in all your core settlements are always my priority, that way you should be able to defend on several fronts while you attack one of your enemies with Malekith. In my campaign I recruited a second lord with a few units to help defend the northern naggaroth town with the help of the garrison while the settlement upgraded and Malekith attacked Ghrond.

To do this, you should prioritise t least one growth building and the growth commandment: the sooner you build your defences, the sooner you can attack safely! Use your ranges superiority and good holding infantry to beat marauder armies. The quicker you can capture and grow your two provinces, the better, as it means your opposing factions have less time to grow and unite against you.

So far the dark elves to the south and east of me are intact, which suggest you might have taken a bit longer to expand, so your rival factions are stronger than mine currently are. That's where a second lord for defence can be gold, even if your income drops to a few hundred, you can get plenty back from battles and the quests you get for the vortex.

A good tip is to attack your chosen faction just after beating one of their armies on home soil, or even better, when they are busy seiging a settlement you know you can defend. That way you should be able to make progress into their lands with a bit less opposition. Hope some of that helps! After securing my home province I next went down to the Black Flood which had been wiped by a BM Horde and then onto the black coast before heading back northwards. East or South depends on your campaign, in my case I found southwards to be the path of least resistance.

Do not take the Iron Mountains, this is a near perfect province for slaving. It's also an unsuitable climate and will keep you bogged down.

Malekith Vortex Campaign Tips?

I kept that province alive my entire game and had an army going from province to province taking slaves. I'm curious, how long roughly did it take you to conquer your first two provinces?

Were they the ones I talked about? Naggaroth obviously and The Chill Road? Discussions Activity Best Of Sign In. Welcome Please register for Total War Access to use the forums.

legend of total war malekith

Sign In Register. Categories April edited April in General Discussion. So I've tried to get this campaign off the ground for awhile. The issue I always run into is after destroying the Skaven, then getting taking over The Chill Road either from Ghrond or Har Ganeth, I end up getting attacked in several directions but primarily from the Mung and Aghol. Chaos corruption seems to be an unbelievably serious problem now compared to release. Normally bc for some insane reason the Altar of Eternal Darkness is medium suitability I'd raze it to kill off the Skaven.

If I do that then I can wheel around and take the chill road. Now however it seems that the highly aggressive Mung come and take over it and most of the land to the west before attacking me. Then there's the Aghol, who normally end up at war with har ganeth.

Either I have to attack har ganeth to get Ghrond or they back off if I do it quickly enough. In which case they almost invariably get mulched by aghol. So there's two chaos tribes attacking collectively from every direction except South. As for the South, Tretch seems to completely slaughter the Dark Elves down there and quite often attack up north.


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