Power of dua

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Power of dua

I still vividly remember the disastrous day my mom forced an abaya upon me. I was an extremely out-going sort of a girl, the very opposite of what mom wanted me to be. My life revolved around partying and hanging out with school-friends, and especially socializing around the many social-networking sites on the World Wide Web. It was only after a parent-teacher meeting at school that made my mom adamant upon having me wear an abaya: by hook or by crook.

In normal circumstances, I would surely not have given in to her, but back then, I knew that I had lost my ground as all my social-affairs-news had been leaked out to her by my teacher. My mother was fuming and raging at me. This made me reflect upon my character and the path of disloyalty I was treading. The initial days of being shrouded in an abaya was quite miserable. The many times I would run a critical gaze down my abaya-donned body made me deeply regret my decision of having to identity myself in it for the rest of life.

Days carried away, until the very next year, mom resolutely decided to make me observe the niqab: the face veil. However, this time around, I had nothing condemnable on my part, so I was not going to give in so easily.

I can clearly remember how I was grounded for the entire winter vacations for refusing to wear the niqab. It still amuses me when I sink back into the past, watching myself going frenzy in the morning for a strip of Sellotape to push my scarf in place against the tip of my nose, and a pair of pins to craft its edges about either of my temples before leaving for school.

It would not be an exaggeration at all if I say I was an obvious loony to all my acquaintances picturing one of the most unusual niqab fastening fashions. Nevertheless, with the decisive passage of time, I came to flavor my public-attire as my own, taking pride in it as it enveloped me gracefully.

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Yet, the most disturbing issue hampering me from relenting from my past, and pursuing the Right Way was the tough, intolerant environment I was stranded in…my friends, including those from the social networking sites.

No matter how hard I strove to part away from my indecent history, I found myself plunged back into it soon. And it was during those stressing, tiring days that I braced myself up for a Dua I had so long been delaying…partially because I was insecure about my decision to bid the glamorous, glittery past a farewell for an ever-lasting journey onto the highway of Guidance, and partially because I feared I might never be replied to.

That very night, I gathered all my reflexes against the erroneous whisperings of the Satan, and poured my heart out to the Lord of the Worlds, the Sustainer of all that exists.

Amidst my very sincere apologies and repentance, I asked Him to decree for me this very nice, chaste cousin of mine as a spouse, whom I could never actually even imagine of owning me up as a life-partner with the entire repellent knowledge he must have about me. More time slithered by. Each day unleashed from within itself new trials, testing and polishing my Emaan for me, and I tugged on with my best-possible effort.Imagine your next door neighbor has a personal servant.

Personally speaking, what do you think you would have done in this situation? The most probable thing that would happen is that you would just stare at him blankly. If this was really to happen, any ordinary bystander would have been visibly puzzled at the peculiarity of this scene.

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However, if we were to look at the scene from a different angle, we might look at it differently. The fulfillment of the Dua — You get what you wanted. Unfortunately, when the day for the competition came, there was another event that was taking place somewhere else and I had to go with my parents to that event instead of the competition.

I felt sad because I had really wanted to win that competition and I wondered what happened to my Dua. Two weeks later, my parents take me to a speech competition and there, I found out that the organizers will also be holding a Quran competition.

I signed up for the competition and after participating in it, the awards ceremony started. I only became even more awestruck when I found out that I won first place.

Looking back, I realized that if we make a Dua, Allah glorified and exalted be He will answer it in the best possible way for us. Since it is a type of worship, it is something that we must always do. As mentioned before, the Dua must always be done. Nowadays, we only say our Duas when hardship befalls us and is the last resort, when all else has failed.

Try making Dua for others because if you do so, the same thing may also occur to you too. Forgive me, my parents, all who enter my house in Faith, and all believing men and believing women: and to the wrong-doers grant Thou no increase but in perdition! Nobody can force Him.

I will help and aid you. Even though if the help is after few days. Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah. He loves to read, design, learn martial arts, and spend time with his wife and family.Allah Almighty says in the Qur'an: "When my servants ask you concerning me, tell them I am indeed close to them. I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calls on me. When we make dua in front Almighty ALLAH for our needs and wants not only our dua is being answered but we will be rewarded for worshiping also.

Dua is considered very power full in Islam as it can change our fate and it can be the most powerful weapon for a Muslim at the time of grief and sorrows. Allah is listening to each and every dua made in front of HIM and answers all the duas.

The Power of Dua

Holy Quran is a healing and mercy for the believers, but loss to who does not believe. Thanx for ur time and support please don;t even think that I am not satisfied of urtreatment. Ofcourse I am very satisfied that I have someone to guide me thru this difficult time. Mashallah u r very well learned and full of knowledge n then I talk to u as my brother.

Thanx for everything I will always take ur guidance. You can book your online ruqyah session via skype. Toggle navigation.

Importance of dua in Islam Allah Almighty says in the Qur'an: "When my servants ask you concerning me, tell them I am indeed close to them. The power of Dua Dua is considered very power full in Islam as it can change our fate and it can be the most powerful weapon for a Muslim at the time of grief and sorrows.

Social Media. Is Islamic Treatment Safe? Testimonial Thanx for ur time and support please don;t even think that I am not satisfied of urtreatment. Tell A Friend. Book online ruqyah via skype You can book your online ruqyah session via skype. Book Now!Allah is 'Al-Mujeeb' - The one who responds. I have heard and read many many things about power of dua. There are 2 types of qadr. One which we can't change cuz it's in Quran and other is one that can be changed by dua because it's just about ourselves or other people.

My question is can someone make dua that Allah makes something or someone best for him and put that thing or person in his qadr? This doesn't mean that he's not happy with what Allah has decreed for him but there is a reason why Allah have given us humans the power to reason and most importantly to make dua.

Also every night Allah grants whatever the slave asks him if it hits that time.

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So can a person ask Allah to make something decreed for him. A real life example I want to share is a girl wanted to be a doctor so the dad went to someone who saw her hand sab said she can never be doctor try for lawyer. That girl since then prayed to Allah and then 3 years later she got into a college to become doctor.

Her dad then went again to sameperskn and you nknow what he totally changed. He said that she will become doctor. I'm not lying this is true story that happened in front of my eyes. Miracles happen everyday and that is because Allah accepts our prayers. I do get the logic that Allah has already written that we will pray for it and then he will change it and we will get whatever we prayed for. But as humans we don't no that right? So again can we pray to make something or someone decreed for us and to make it the best for us and that we get what we ask for???

We use these words interchangeably but the difference is huge. Qadr is Destiny but Qadaa is Predestination The difference is that destiny can be changed, But predestination cannot be changed. Allah blots out what He wills and confirms what He wills. The dua of a believer is so powerful that it can change destiny yet people underestimate their duas. The scholars of Islam asked and discussed this question.Dua means supplication, communication with deity.

If we know the power of Dua then we would do whatever is necessary to get our Duas answered.

The Power of Dua

Sometimes our Duas are answered immediately and sometimes they take much longer than we expect. However, Dua can transform our lives and bring about miraculous results when it made properly by heart. We can make Dua in any language, Almighty Allah listens to us no matter in which language we are supplicating. One can make Dua anytime there is no specific time or fixed place for making Dua.

Dua can change the destiny so try to make Dua in every situation because with Dua you will always get closer to Almighty Allah. Dua or supplication is an act which is of extraordinary significance, Dua is the most uplifting, empowering, and transforming conversation a person can ever have with his Lord. We turn to Allah Almighty because we know that He alone can lift our sufferings and solve our problems.

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We feel relieved after describing our difficulties to is our Creator. We feel empowered after making supplication or having communicated with the Allah Almighty.

Power of Dua in Islam-Importance of Dua According to Quran and Hadith

When we make Dua we get a new commitment to follow His path for that is the only path for success. We feel blessed with each such commitment with the Lord. Allah Almighty listens to us when we make Dua. We should always seek help from Allah. We should not only make Dua for ourselves but also for our parents, brothers and sisters, spouses and children, relatives and friends, teachers and other benefactors, and destitute and struggling Muslims everywhere.

power of dua

We should pray for them for the good in this world as well as in the Hereafter. An angel is appointed to his side. And may you also be blessed with the same. When making the Dua it is acceptable to ask for good in this worldly life and in the hereafter.

power of dua

Throughout the Quran, Our Lord encourages the believers to call on Him, He asks us to lay our dreams, hopes, fears, and uncertainties before Him and to be sure that He hears every word. So, increase supplications in prostrations. Dua can change our life and our fate. It is the most compelling weapon, works only for those who try sincerely and seriously to use it. As a Muslim, we should never give up, because we have the ultimate weapon to counter our fears, depression, oppression, and adversity in the shape of Dua.Source : EIslam.

The Power of Dua (Real Life Story)

No one experiences perpetual bliss and neither are problems never ending. Life by its very nature is a test. As Believers we ought to believe that every condition is a manifestation of the Will of Allah Most High. What has passed us was not meant to befall us and what has befallen us was not meant to pass us.

power of dua

Assistance comes with patience, relief after affliction and ease after difficulty Hadith-Tirmidhi. Our faith and belief is tested when undergoing difficulties and afflictions. This is borne out by the following verse of the Quraan. These adverse conditions may at times be upon an individual, a family, a community or as today in the world upon large sections of the Ummah as is the case in Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, Burma and other parts of the world.

Can we say that the Noble Messenger of Allah peace be upon him was non pragmatic or impractical? May Allah protect us from such thoughts and statements. In fact every Muslim will readily admit that he peace be upon him was THE most practical and pragmatic person.

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The reason for this disparity is because with us Dua Supplication has become a ritual, devoid of any life, and has become our final resort after all options and means have been exhausted — more like an act of desperation while what the Noble Messenger wished to highlight was that Dua Supplication was to be the first recourse of a Believer before anything else and the last action after everything else and upheld in the intervening period while executing our plans and actions with great diligence!

Dua has the unique ability to change destiny Hadith-Tirmidhi. The other reason was the absolute faith of the Noble Messenger of Allah Peace be upon him that Dua was indeed a means of direct communication with the Creator of the Universe by virtue of which His help and assistance could be harnessed and solicited.

A very poignant example of this is the incident of the Prophet Nuh Upon him be peace. In the Quraan Allah Most High mentions the incident in the following words. The above verses in the original Arabic language are very powerful and conjure up an image of vast volumes of waters gushing forth profusely from both the earth and the skies until the earth was water logged and all those that had belied and ridiculed the Messenger were drowned in the deluge.

At the time of the battle of Badr, with the future of Islam under threat, when a small ill equipped band of faced an army of well equipped the Noble Messenger of Allah Peace be upon him spent the entire night on the eve of the battle begging and supplicating unto Allah for His assistance and the next day Allah Most High granted the greatest victory in the annals of Islamic history.

When he eventually emerged after the morning prayer he met a sagacious and pious man and said to him. If one ponders and reflects on the above ahadith one will realise that they are very clear, definite and absolute statements. While there are conducive and opportune moments when Duas are accepted in relation to the above there are no restrictions or specifications on the act of Dua.

Dua can be made at any time, in any place, in any language, when a woman is in her menses and also in a state of ceremonial impurity.

With Him are the keys to His unlimited and unending treasures.Now We move on to the Dua that Saved us all. He wanted Respite so that he could lead the Men to hell as well. So he started working on his evil plots. It is mentioned in Surah Araf ,Verse And when they tasted of the tree, their shame became vislible to them, and both began to cover themselves with leaves from the Garden. When Adam As and his wife ate the forbidden fruit and then realised that it was nothing but an evil plot of shaitan ,they cried and Repented.

Allah says in Quran. We have wronged ourselves. If You do not forgive us and do not have mercy on us, we shall surely be among the losers. This story draws a clear line between the way of Satan and the way that befits man.

As opposed to this, the way that befits man is to resist the evil promptings of Satan and to be constantly vigilant against Satanic machinations. But, if in spite of all these precautions, a man does swerve from the course of obedience, he should turn, as soon as he realizes his fault, to God in penitence and remorse and make amends.

This is the lesson that Allah conveys to man through this anecdote. It demonstrates that they have fallen prey to the snares of the arch-enemy and have been totally overpowered by him. Anyone who has even an iota of understanding should heed and emulate the example of his fore-parents — Adam AS and Bibi Hawa — who repented and made amends after their disobedience.

Both Shaitan and Adam AS committed a mistake but one was cursed forever and the other was forgiven. We see in the story of Adam alayhissalamis that Adam asked for a religious, spiritual need. He begged for forgiveness acknowledging that if Allah did not have mercy upon him, there would be no hope for him. In contrast, the Dua Iblis eventually made was for a long life that lasted until the Day of Judgement. Whereas the primary Dua of those who do not have that connection is of this world alone.

Those who focus on the Dunya alone without focusing on the Akhira at all will not get any share in the afterlife. Both Adam alayhissalam and Iblis reached out to Allah swtand Allah in the end actually gave them both what they wanted. And this is from the Generosity and Nobility of Allah swt. In Sha Allah We will talk about this next Week. Jazak Allah Khair for stopping by to Read this article. If You want to read more from us,Do not forget to Subscribe.

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